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Art meets technology

3D Printed Home Decor. We have embraced technology to bring you previously impossible pieces of art. Our unique designs are at the forefront of modern art trends and provide eye catching centre pieces for your living spaces

From Grain to Art

We aim to keep our materials as close to natural as possible. Our 3D printing processes make use of a bio-natural material called PLA, derived from corn grains.

Raw corn is pressed and fermented to make Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is then formed into pellets. These pellets and extruded into a long thin wire to create the eco-friendly material we use for our products 




Known as “Hermes” in Greek mythology, Mercury is the god of travellers and tradesman.

Our modern art pieces in this collection celebrate the elegance and beauty of the human hand.

This stunning piece is the perfect display piece for any table, cabinet, and shelf.



Our resident artist took inspiration from Greek deities to create this unique piece of modern art.

Apollo, amoung other things,  is the Greek God of Art. His face was used to create this piece which optimizes modern art 


The Goddess of beauty. A fitting name for a collection celebrating women!

Featuring our Booty, Torso and Face planters. Hypnotic to look at and effortlessly modern and attractive in any display setting 

Why get one when you can get all three?

Zen Planters

Where it all began. Our Zen Planters are our most universal display piece. Each one meticulously 3D designed down to the last detail.

We cannot get enough of these little guys and they seem to fit in wherever they are placed. Enjoy